Top 12 Best Baseball and Softball (Batting) Helmets: Reviews & Guide 2019

best batting helmets

Baseball and softball are two popular batting sports. They have differences in terms of the size of the ball, pitching, field size, and game rules, among others. They also share many similarities, including the fact that players need head protection in the form of a batting helmet. It provides protection from errant pitches, minimizing the likelihood of suffering from a head injury.

Are you looking for the best baseball and softball helmets? There are a plethora of options available, which can easily overwhelm any buyer. Read the rest of this article and we’ll help you make the right purchase decision.

Our Top Picks for the Best Baseball and Softball Helmets

Below are our top picks for the best batting helmets and the features that make them stand out.

RIP-It Vision Pro Softball Helmet

According to Rip-It, their batting helmet is designed in such a way that it allows players to do more and see more. Even if it comes with a face mask, it is non-obtrusive, which means that you can still have a clear vision of the field, making it hard to miss the ball and your run.

Another innovation that you can find in this helmet is Blackout Technology. It has a special coating outside the bars of the face mask, which allows it to eliminate glare.

The manufacturer also takes pride in developing advanced features that will allow it to deliver superior comfort to its users. For instance, it keeps the weight at a minimum without sacrificing its durability. It also has 21 vents in strategic positions, which provides unrivaled cooling. There is dual-layer padding with a moisture-wicking fabric that prevents odor and growth of bacteria.

Rawlings R16 Series Matte Batting Helmet

The brand name is already enough to consider this batting helmet over many of its competitors. This is for young sluggers who are looking for head protection that delivers both style and comfort. It has CoolFlo technology, which has been developed specifically to allow increased airflow to keep the head cool and comfortable. There are also Heat Exchange Vents for the rapid circulation of ambient air.

Inside the helmet, you can see a dual-density liner, which is the standard within the product category. It has thick padding to make it more comfortable. Despite this, it keeps the weight at a minimum so that it won’t be too much of a burden to wear.

It meets NOCSAE standards, like the majority of the helmets mentioned in this post. You can be confident that it passed independent tests to prove its quality.

DeMarini Paradox Protégé Pro Batting Helmet with Mask

Designed by hitters for hitters – this is what the manufacturer claims, making it one of the best helmets either for baseball or softball.

Looking at the innovations in this product, one thing that makes this impressive is the dual-density padding, allowing it to effectively absorb impact and protect the head. It also has an anti-microbial fabric that makes it hygienic, especially because the head is prone to sweating.

The venting system is also exceptional, which keeps the head cool even when playing during a hot day. This is crucial for the comfort of the user.

As a bonus, this is already inclusive of a mask that provides superior protection for the face.

MACH Matte Batting Helmet with Extension Flap

According to Rawlings, this batting helmet is designed to match the speed of the game, providing players with the confidence that their head is protected against injuries.

Among others, one of the revolutionary features that you can find in this baseball and softball helmet is the attached extension flap that maximizes the protection the helmet provides to the face. Despite this, the flap has an intelligent design that prevents it from obstructing the vision of the player. The helmet also comes with a sleek and low-profile design, which contributes to comfort.

The IMPAX padding is also notable. This improves the absorption and dispersion of force in case a ball hits the head.

Schutt Sports AiR 5.6 Softball Batter’s Helmet

Among others, one thing that makes this baseball and softball helmet stand out in a saturated market is the D30 impact protection. It is an innovative cushioning that absorbs and locks in force to reduce the impact that is transmitted to the head, regardless of how hard the ball is pitched.

It also has an AiR-XE shell, a dynamic design that improves its fit. Regardless of the intensity of the movement of the user, it fits securely on the head. This also maximizes ventilation for superior comfort. Plus, there are 14 vents in key positions to allow improved air circulation.

The pads are also easy to clean and maintain. You don’t have to worry that the interior of the helmet will be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Easton Z5 Grip Batting Helmet – SR

Whether in the bases or batter’s box, this helmet ensures the highest level of protection to the user. It has a sleek design and a matte finish that makes it stylish. The main material used in this helmet is ABS plastic, which is known for its superior impact resistance without the burden of weight.

The helmet is constructed with a dual density foam. The high-density foam is designed for absorbing impact. On the other hand, the low-density foam is for extra padding, which is crucial for your comfort.

It also has Bio Dri Liner, which is effective in the absorption of sweat to keep the head dry and comfortable.

Lastly, like the helmets mentioned in this article, it meets NOCSAE standards, making it great for both softball and baseball.

Under Armour Classic Solid Molded Batting Helmet

This Under Armour helmet also meets NOCSAE standards, so you can have an assurance that it keeps the head protected in the field. It is available only in a single size, but it fits all users. The dual-density foam allows it to customize the shape of the interior based on the size and shape of the head of its user.

The breathable liner that comes with the helmet also makes it impressive. It has moisture-wicking properties, making it effective in absorbing sweat. This will not only keep your head dry but also comfortable. The outer shell is also designed will 12 vents, making it hard to match in terms of air circulation.

Lastly, the helmet is designed in such a way that it also provides protection to the cheekbone.

Rawlings CoolFlo Single Flap Batting Helmet

One thing that makes this different from most of the options recommended in this buying guide is the fact that it only has a single flap, which is the design requirement in major leagues. It is designed for right-handed batters.

It comes with an ABS plastic shell, which is lightweight but durable. There is a special coating that protects the surface from superficial damages.

While this is marketed as a helmet that is used for senior leagues, it should be noted that this is not NOCSAE-approved. Despite this, since it is made by Rawlings, you can be confident of the superior protection that it delivers

Rawlings Sporting Goods Highlighter Series Softball Helmet

Another entry from Rawlings, it shares the innovative features that you can find in the helmets from the same manufacturer. One thing that makes it different, however, is the bright color. It is bold enough to stand out when you are on the field.

One of the notable features is the CoolFlo technology, an innovation that has been introduced by Rawlings in 2006. It is also found in the other Rawlings helmets we have mentioned earlier. This gives the helmet state-of-the-art ventilation for your highest level of comfort.

While it does not come with a face mask, it is already pre-drilled. This makes it easy to attach any mask that is approved by NOCSAE for use in leagues.

Mizuno MVP Batter’s Helmet

Like most of the helmets we have recommended, it also comes with an ABS shell. Do not make the mistake of assuming that plastic is not a durable material of choice. ABS is the standard material of choice, so you can have the assurance that it will have unrivaled strength.

Sweating is a major problem by baseball and softball players. To address this, the helmet comes with Dry-Lite liner, which is the one that wicks away moisture to prevent odor and bacteria.

This NOCSAE-approved helmet has a two-tone finish and a high-quality coating that does not easily peel even after years of use.

Under Armour Converge Batting Helmet

With the innovative Charged Foam liner that is integrated into this helmet, its size fits all users. The foam in the interior of the helmet provides a personalized and comfortable fit for different head sizes. It is available in two variants – adult and youth.

The foam and the fabric of the helmet have been through a special anti-microbial treatment that protects it against sweat.

There are also large ventilation ports in different parts of this batting helmet, so you don’t have to worry about air circulation.

EvoShield Impact Travel Ball Batter’s Helmet

This NOCSAE-certified helmet comes with form-fitting dual-density padding. It provides cushioning to the ears, making it comfortable even for an extended period of use. This helmet also delivers superior comfort because of the large vents that you can find on the top.

It also comes pre-drilled. This will make it easy to attach the necessary accessories depending on the requirements of the game. It has existing holes for a mask or chin strap, although, you have to purchase these accessories separately.

Lastly, it comes with a rubberized matte finish, which does not make it as glossy as the other helmets. The matte surface also makes it less susceptible to scratches.

Choosing the Best Batting Helmets

Even with the overwhelming options available, this is not an excuse to decide in haste. Below are some of the most important factors to consider:

  • Size: If it is too loose, it can easily fall off the head and may be ineffective in providing the protection you need. On the other hand, if it is too tight, it will most probably end up being uncomfortable.
  • Material: Pick one that is made of a strong material that will allow it to effectively withstand impact and last for a long time.
  • Safety Standards: Baseball and softball helmets must meet the minimum safety standards to be sure that it has been independently tested.
  • Comfort: From insulation to breathability, it is also critical to make sure that the helmet delivers the highest level of satisfaction to the user. Plus, it should be lightweight but without compromising its durability.


Got questions about baseball and softball helmets? Below, we’ll answer some of them.

What is the Difference Between Baseball and Softball Helmets?

For the most part, they are the same. However, one of the main differences is that the batting helmets that are required in major leagues will cover only one ear. For the other helmets, they cover both ears. The design of the face mask can also vary, but this will depend on the manufacturer.

What Certifications are Important for Batting Helmets?

Whether it is for baseball or softball helmet, one of the most important is the certification from the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment or NOCSAE. This is a third-party certifying body that tests helmets to make sure that they are effective.

Why Should You Wear Baseball and Softball Helmets?

Aside from the fact that it is a major requirement in league games, wearing a batting helmet is important because it minimizes the chances that you head will suffer from a serious injury. It also protects the ears. In some cases, it has faceguard that will protect the eyes, nose, and the face.


Head protection is important in baseball and softball, especially if you are the batter. It protects the head from concussions and other serious injuries from an errant throw. With this, pay attention to our suggestions above to find the best baseball and softball helmets. From durability to comfort, it is crucial to consider a variety of factors and go beyond price.