The 10 Best Dash Camera for Car Reviews & Guide 2019

Best Dash Camera for Car

For most car owners, a dash camera is seen as a necessity, not just a luxury. With the abundance of the choices available, even on a budget, you can find one with decent quality. It is an excellent investment as it offers protection to the driver, specifically through recording videos in case of an unfortunate incident, such as a crash. It can expedite insurance proceedings and is instrumental in promoting the safety of drivers.

What is the best dash camera for car? It is hard to answer this with just a single model. There are many exceptional choices that are available, including those that we will briefly mention in the rest of this post. We’ll also provide you with insights on some of the most important factors that you have to take into account to end up with the right choice.

Our Top Picks for the Best Dash Camera for Car

To start with, here are ten of the products that should be part of your list, as well as a few of the reasons why they can prove to be exceptional choices.

YI 2.7-inch Full HD Wide Angle Dashboard Camera

For a budget-friendly camera with decent features and video capabilities, this is definitely one option that should be part of your list. It has Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, a visual recognition algorithm that makes driving easier and safer. It provides a smart warning when you need to depart lanes. It has a 165-degree wide angle lens to capture a wider view. With the premium video processor, on the other hand, it records videos at 60fps. It also comes with built-in Wi-Fi, which will make it possible to transfer the recordings wirelessly, such as through your smartphone.

Rexing V1 3rd Generation 4K UHD Wi-Fi Car Dash Cam

The key features of this dash camera include an ultra-HD recording of 2160p at 24fps. It also has a wide dynamic range, making it possible to shoot high-quality videos even when in low-light environments. It also has Wi-Fi connectivity for ease of sharing files. With the low-profile design, on the other hand, it will be space-efficient and discrete. Lastly, there is an accident auto-detection. This means that when an accident is detected by the sensor, the video will be locked immediately to be sure that it will not be erased from the memory.

Z-Edge S4 Dual Dash Cam

This option can be quite expensive, but this is sure to be worth every dollar that you will be spending. The dual lens design is one of its best assets. The latter allows it to record simultaneously from the front and back. The recording capability is Full HD 1920x1080P at 30FPS. The built-in battery has 600mAh, which can record videos for up to half an hour without being connected to a source of power. It also comes with a 4-inch IPS screen and large buttons, which will make the design user-friendly. Lastly, the kit is inclusive of a 32GB memory card, as well as a camera mount.

WheelWitness HD Pro Dash Cam with GPS

Another option for a premium dash camera, it has 2K Super HD recording capability with a resolution of 2304x1296P. There is also an A7LA50 processor, which makes it a powerful product. There is a 3-inch screen with a colored display to provide you with a look at what is being recorded. Meanwhile, with the night vision technology, the videos will be easy to see even when you are driving in the dark. It is also made better by the fact that it comes with a GPS module. There are also mounts that are included for ease of installation.

Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam

If you have no issue with the price, this is another ideal candidate for the best dash camera for car on the market. This is a dual 1080p dash camera that is equipped with a powerful processor and sensor. It has a Sony Sensor Infrared Night Vision. Plus, there are also 4IR lights that make it excellent in taking night videos. There is also a 24-hour motion detection parking mode, which will be important for your safety. Lastly, to make sure that the camera will deliver unmatched durability, it has a body that is heat and cold-resistant.

Aukey Dash Cam

A good dash cam does not necessarily need to be expensive. This is a proof of that. Even with its economical price, it is feature-packed. Among others, one thing that we liked the most is the 1080p clear video capture, which is made possible by the Sony Exmor Sensor. There is also a large F/1.8 aperture and HDR for clear videos even when they are recorded at nighttime. It also has loop recording, which saves memory by overriding old videos that are not important. With the Emergency Recording, on the other hand, it automatically captures accidents and locks it, making sure that it won’t be accidentally deleted.

Pruveeo MX2 Dash Cam

Equipped with a 240-degree wide angle lens, this is able to provide a wider recording perspective compared to most of the options that are mentioned in this post. The recording capability is at 780p at 30fps. Videos are recorded in an API format. It rotates at 320 degrees, which makes it excellent when it comes to versatility. The LCD screen is two inches and it comes with an unobtrusive design, which means that it will never be a distraction when you are driving. For your peace of mind, the manufacturer is offering as 12-month replacement warranty for this product.

KDLINKS X3 2.7k Super HD Dash Cam

One of the biggest selling points of this dash camera is the 2.7K Super HD video shooting capability at a resolution of 2688×1520. There is also an automatic motion detection. Meaning, when it is able to sense a movement, it will automatically turn on. There is also Superior Night Vision, allowing it to deliver unmatched performance in dark environments. This is made possible by the 6-lens design. It also comes with a built-in battery, memory card of up to 128MB, and a one-year standard warranty from the manufacturer. A high-quality mount is also included upon purchase of this product.

ROAV by Anker C1 Dash Cam

Easy on the wallet but big on performance – this is one thing that you can expect from this product. By looking at the technical specifications, you can already be confident of its ability to deliver crystal clear recordings. It has Full HD 1080P shooting capability that does not sacrifice the clarity of the images even at night. It has Night Hawk vision with Sony Center for superior low-light performance. For durability, it delivers extreme temperature resistance, making sure that it will withstand many years of use. The unit also comes with a 12-month warranty from the manufacturer.

CrossTour Dash Cam

Similar to many of the options that have been mentioned above, this model also comes equipped with a Sony Sensor, which is one of the reasons for its superior performance. It also has a 1080p Full-HD resolution. The 6-glass lens, on the other hand, allows it to capture at a wide angle, which is at 170 degrees. Meanwhile, with the two infrared lights and WDR technology, night capture does not have to suffer in terms of quality. There is also a built-in G sensor for automatic recording of accidents and for an assurance that the file will not be overwritten.

Reasons Why You Need a Dash Cam

If you are still not convinced that a dash cam is a necessity, here are some of the benefits that can compel you to buy one:

  • Document your Accidents: Whenever you are involved in an accident, a dash cam can be extremely helpful. If there is no eyewitness, the footage from the camera will make it easy to determine what exactly happened and who is the party at fault. It can even be submitted as a police evidence.
  • Fight Insurance Fraud: There are many people who are willing to hurt themselves and stage an accident just for the sake of being able to get insurance money. The recordings from the dash cam will prevent this from happening.
  • Improve your Driving Skills: Depending on the features of the dash camera that you will purchase, it has a plethora of features that can improve your driving. For instance, you can prevent parking accidents. Also, it allows you to review the footages and determine what can be done to become a better driver.
  • Record your Road Trip: Are you planning to hit the road with family and friends? Make your road trip epic with a dash cam. Like an action camera, it can capture the scenic road and you can share this with your friends to make them envious of the fun that you are having!

Choosing the Best Dash Camera for Car

It is common for buyers to be overwhelmed with the tons of options that are available. To avoid having regrets with your purchase decision, these are some of the most important factors that you have to take into consideration:

  • Size: A dashcam should be unobtrusive. As much as possible, it should be discrete so that it will not be a distraction when you are driving. In the case of most models, they are only two to three inches.
  • Video Resolution: This is one of the most important factors to take into account. At a minimum, the camera should be able to record videos at Full HD 1080p, which will make the images crisp and vivid.
  • Night Vision: To deliver videos with superior clarity, the night vision capability is also a plus. This means that even when driving at night, the camera will be able to clearly capture the driving scene.
  • Storage Capacity: Dash cams have an expandable memory. A higher memory is better, which means that it will be able to record longer videos before overwriting the old ones. The minimum storage capacity should be 64GB. If the video shoots at a higher resolution, you need a higher memory since this means that the files will be larger.
  • Durability: Especially if you are buying a dash cam that is expensive, see to it that it has a durable construction, especially in terms of resisting the heat or the cold.
  • Loop Recording: With this feature, the camera is able to record continuously. Without loop recording, once the memory is full, it will stop recording videos. With loop recording, on the other hand, it will overwrite the old videos that are not important.
  • Impact Sensor: especially with the high-end models, most of them have an impact of G-sensor. This automatically determines when the vehicle is involved in an accident. It locks the video so that it will not be overwritten.
  • GPS: With this feature, the location of the footage is geo-tagged, which means that it will be able to record the location where the accident happened, which can be useful when it comes to investigations.
  • Mount: The dash cam should come with high-quality mounts and should be effortless to assemble. It should also offer flexibility in terms of how it can be mounted.
  • Wireless Connection: It is also important that it offers wireless connectivity, making it easy to transfer the files and view them on your smartphone or computer.
  • Warranty: This is for those who would like to have peace of mind knowing that the product is covered against defects. More often than not, the dash cam comes with a standard one-year warranty from the manufacturer. Make sure to go into the terms and conditions to avoid the warranty from being voided.

Wrap Up

Indeed, the best dash camera for car is one thing that every motorist needs. It may be small in size, but it is big in terms of the benefits that it can deliver. Making insurance claims will be easier. Plus, you will also have a safer driving experience. To make a decision that you will not regret and to be provided with the best value for the money, limit your choices to the ten products that have been mentioned above.