Top 13 Best Dirt Bikes For Kids Reviews & Guide 2019

Best Dirt Bikes For Kids

Have your kids been asking you to buy them a dirt bike, or have you been thinking of getting them one? Over the generations, parents these days have always wanted their children to have a much better life than they did. But, with today’s generation, we think that it might have gone too far.

Seriously, kids nowadays have much cooler stuff out there, which includes dirt bikes, that actually makes some adults get downright jealous of them. Dirt bikes for kids are not only a child’s dream, but companies have also provided the coolest, safest, and most enjoyable dirt bikes for kids that you’ve ever seen. So if you didn’t get to enjoy this when you were a kid, why not let your kids have the fun?

Buying Guide: Choosing the Right Bike for Kids

The safety of your child is your number one priority, therefore, make sure that you get a dirt bike that has a safety standard and features in it. So aside from getting a complete set of safety gears, such as helmet, gloves, goggles, and suits, there are also several considerations that you should do before purchasing a dirt bike.

And these are the things that you need to consider:

The Size of the Bike

Make sure that the bike isn’t tall enough for your child to reach, but also consider the fact that they would still be able to use it after a few years.


Some dirt bike for kids has a torque that is too high for younger children, so be aware of the bike’s horsepower.


If your child is a beginner, or you just wanted to give your child a more enjoyable ride, then choose a product that is less expensive. But do consider the products quality.


Before you get your child a dirt bike, make sure that they have enough core strength to keep their body’s upright while riding on a bumpy road.


A 2 and 4-stroke bike often offers a stability difference, but choosing an electric-powered dirt bike for your kid is a much safer one for them.

Top 13 Kids Dirt Bikes in the Market

Dirt bikes for kids don’t have to be expensive, you can actually get one of them at a fair price, and besides, you are buying a beginner dirt bike so there’s no need for you to purchase an expensive one.

Kids don’t need a bike that has a lot of advanced features in it in a pricey model, just using a simple, affordable, and an easy-to-maintain dirt bike would be enough for them to have tons of fun. So for an easier search, here are the top dirt bikes for kids that we have reviewed for you:

Razor MX500 Motocross Dirt Bike

If you want to get something of high-quality, then you should consider getting this electric dirt bike, the Razor MX500. It has a very reasonable price tag, and also happens to be a favorite of most customers because of its great performance. But do take note that this isn’t the smallest bike in the market. This bike is meant for kids 14 years of age and above, but it can also suit kids from age 8 to 13.

The bike features large-sized pneumatic tires with a front of 16” and a rear of 14”. As for its motor, it is equipped with a 500 watts electric motor, which is capable of carrying its rider at a maximum speed of 17 miles per hour. It is fast enough for your kids to enjoy, but not fast enough to cause serious injuries in case your child crashes.

Razor MX350 Electric Dirt Bike

Razor is a popular company that produces awesome, high-quality products, and that also includes the dirt bikes that they make. The Razor MX350 is one of the best electric dirt bikes for kids in the market. This bike can reach a speed of 14 mph, which is fast for fun, but not fast enough to cause a safety risk.

When the bike’s battery is fully charged, the bike provides a continuous 7 miles of the ride before needing another charge. This is long enough for your kids to have serious fun. The bike is constructed with both plastic and steel, which is light enough for your kids to maneuver, but sturdy and durable enough to withstand shocks while riding in bumpy roads or when there are occasional minor crashes.

Razor MX650 Rocket Motocross Bike

If your child is a little more experienced when it comes to riding dirt bikes, then you can get this Razor MX650 for your kid. The bike is recommended for children aged 16 and above, however, there have been kids who are as young as 8 are known to ride this dirt bike model. Most Razor brand dirt bikes have added a few safety features on their products for your child’s overall safety.

With that said, this has allowed a lot of younger kids to give this bike a go. The bike may have been made for children 16 years and above, but it still has a small dimension which qualifies it as a kid’s bike.

Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Dirt Bike

This bike is inspired by the greatest motocross rider in history, which is Jeremy McGrath. The SX500 features an authentic Jeremy McGrath graphics and fairs a high torque, genuine dirt bike frame geometry, variable speed motor, and design for an awesome riding experience for kids.

The bike also features rider handlebars and dual suspensions, hand-operated dual disc brakes, retractable kickstand, and large pneumatic knobby tires. With its incredible features, it looks more like a real dirt bike rather than a kid’s bike.

However, its maximum speed goes to up to 15 mph, therefore, it is still safe enough for kids to ride from ages 9 years and above. Its runtime can go up to 40 minutes, which is long enough for your kids to enjoy.

Flying Horse Dirt Pit Mini Bike

This dirt bike is a bit different than the previous bikes because instead of being powered up with electricity, it is filled up with gas to make it run. This is also the simplest dirt bike for kids that you can find in the market. All you have to do is to make pull the rope and hit on the throttle to run.

However, this is a 2-stroke engine bike, so it means it would need a premixed oil and fuel to run smoothly. This bike is available in several colors, so choose the one that your child would like. As for its features, its expansion chamber allows the bike’s throttle to quickly respond as its 12” tires have a firm grip on surfaces, which also helps prevent skidding. But since this bike is small, it is more suitable for toddlers use.

Coolster 70cc Automatic Dirt Bike

This is another non-electrical dirt bike that you can purchase for your kids. In fact, gas and the oil powered bike are much cheaper, in terms of consuming energy, as it can run longer than electrical powered ones. This bike can run to up to 35 mph, so this bike is more suitable for kids’ ages 13 years and above. However, 9-year-old kids have also been known to use this kind of dirt bike.

The bike’s engine comes in 4-strokes with a torque of 4.0 watts, its horsepower is also strong enough to be compared with other dirt bikes out there. The bike’s max-weight is about 50kg and is 61.2 inches tall, this could be a bit big for kids younger than 12 and is much more suitable for young teens. This bike requires assemblage, so before test-riding, this bike, make sure to have this checked first to a mechanic.

Monster Moto MMB80 Dirt Bike

The Monster Moto is a well-known company that has been known to produce specialized dirt bikes. They are originally from Dallas and are based in the USA, so expect to have great customer service and high-quality dirt bikes for kids. This bike has a max speed of 23 mph hour, so it is suitable for kid’s ages 9 to 13 years old.

However, this bike is more ideal for kids that are experienced than for the beginners, but if your child is always guided whenever he or she rides the bike, then it would be okay for beginners to ride it. The bike has an 80cc engine, weights around 90 lbs, has a height of 15 inches, and 50.3 inches in length. It is very easy to use and manage for both the parent’s and kid’s convenience.

Razor MX400 Electric Dirt Bike

Here is another Razor model dirt bike as it is one of the most popular brands of a dirt bike for kids out there. This electric motorcycle for kids is a step-up from most entry-level dirt bikes, and it is more suitable for older or heavier kids. But this can also be used by kids ages 9 above as long as they are strong and experienced enough.

The bike is capable of reaching a top speed of 14 mph, therefore, it is still safe enough for your child to ride alone once they got used to riding it. The chain-driven bike comes only with a single speed, which is very quiet and much smoother to ride. With the bike’s sturdy steel structure, it should be able to support a rider who weighs around 140lbs.

Coleman Powersports 98cc Gas-Powered Dirt Bike

Now, this is a heavy-duty bike, therefore, this is more suitable for kids that are 10 years and above. However, make sure that they can handle it as the bike weighs around 82 lbs. This old-school type dirt bike is powered by a 4-stroke OHV cylinder gasoline engine, which churns out a maximum 3 horsepower speed.

The bike can reach a maximum speed of 20 to 25 mph, therefore, it is not fast enough to lead to a safety risk. The dirt bike is very easy to operate with its handle-operated rear disc brakes, which would push your enthusiasm faster than you can ever imagine. This bike is not suitable for kids, but it can also be used by adults as the bike can support a person around 150lbs.

Moto Tec Electric Dirt Bike

This bike contains front and rear brakes and suspensions, with two high-volt batteries complete with a charger, the bike’s charging duration last from 4 to 6 hours, which would depend if the bike is fully charged. The bike can ride a long duration, which is a plus for an electric powered dirt bike for kids. The bike has a speed of 16 mph, so it is suitable for kids’ ages 9 years and above.

However, the bike weighs around 77lbs so make sure that your child is strong enough to handle its weight. The seat’s height is just about 22 to 24 inches above the ground, so it much suitable for kids around 8 to 13 years of age. Its long, foam covered seat is also comfortable enough to be sat on for a long time.

Apollo DB-007 Dirt Bike

The steel framework, 4-stroke engine, and front and rear brakes make this bike one of the cheapest 125cc bikes in the market. This bike contains a manual transmission, hydraulic brakes, and 125cc 4-stroke engine, which makes it a cool looking bike for stunts.

This is an automatic dirt bike, so it is suitable for kids who are experienced in riding a dirt bike. It has a maximum speed of 55mph, weights around 148lbs, stands about 15-inch tall, and has a length of 52 inches. And because of these features, this is more suitable for kids ages 13 and above and not suitable for those under.

Razor RSF650 Electric Bike

The Razor RSF650 model looks more like a real motorcycle than just a simple kid’s bike, thanks to its street bike geometry combined with a steel-trellis frame. Its speed can go to up to 17 mph, which is perfect for young beginners. It is also powerful to perform a wheelie, but not enough to cause serious injuries.

The bike is also very easy to control as you would only twist the throttle handlebar to make the bike run. Breaking is also as easy as traditional handlebar controls, which engages its disc brakes. It performs really well for any kids to enjoy. This is suitable for kids ages 9 and above.

KidsFunWorld 49cc Gas-Powered Dirt Bike

The bike has 10” aluminum alloy wheels, which can withstand any kinds of rough surfaces. It has a 49cc, 2-stroke engine and with an automatic transmission, perfect for young riders. As for its performance, you can just easily pull-start it and your child can instantly ride it around your place.

It has a front and rear disc brake to make sure that your child would always have a safe ride. However, the bike is more suitable t be used by kids around 13 years and above, but if your 9-year-old kid can handle the bike’s weight and reach its height, then you can also consider getting this dirt for him or for her.


Make your kid’s childhood more memorable by giving them one of these awesome dirt bikes, which would basically make them jump for joy as they can cruise around your neighborhood with a cool looking bike. Not all kids can have a cool-looking bike like this, so if you can afford a cheap, but high-quality dirt bike, then why not get one of the products above, all of them are affordable and provides an awesome performance.