The 10 Best Face Shields for Grinding: Reviews & Guide 2020

Best Face Shields for Grinding

Protective equipment and safety gear, such as face shields, are essential if you work in dangerous and compromising environments. It is a vital addition to your safety gear collection. In fact, these are essential and required if your job requires you to grind and cut, among other dangerous tasks. After all, a face shield has the capability to protect your face from harmful objects and from the heat and bright light. Some of these would include chemical splashes, debris, and other hazardous substances.

No idea which to buy for the best face shields for grinding? Read on and learn from some of our recommendations.

Our Top Picks for the Best Face Shields for Grinding


As the name suggests, the Sellstrom face shield would be perfect for whatever your job requires you to do. This may include grinding and welding, among other tasks. Also, it would be perfect for a majority of possible applications and uses. This product made it to the list because it can provide you with the greatest protection and comfort.

It is a versatile face shield suitable for tasks in the workplace and at home. This would be perfect for applications in industries such as oil and gas, construction, lawn and garden, DIY jobs, and manufacturing.

This face shield by Sellstrom also features a universal bracken pin pattern, available for use for almost every window shield. To add, it comes with a clear and protective polycarbonate shield and allows impressive optical visibility.

It is a great face shield for grinding, as it prevents safety hazards including debris, dust, and chemical splashes. This product by Sellstrom would be a sound investment on your personal safety.


Another reliable face shield on this review is the one offered by Uvex. It is known for those who look into customization, as well as overall protection. This product is very popular because of its dual-position option. This feature allows you to customize it to your exact fit, no matter what your working task or angle is.

Additionally, it is comfortable to wear due to its ergonomic style. It is also lightweight and features a balanced construction, even when you use it for an extended period. This face shield by Uvex features a strong and tough polycarbonate visor. This visor effectively protects your face from chemical splashes and debris.

What makes this one of the best face shields for grinding is its anti-fog coating property, which promotes visual clarity every time you use it. To add, it comes with a full-face design, providing you with full facial coverage, from the top of your head up to your chin. It also has a dielectric construction, ensuring that you are safe while working in electrical environments.


Another incredible product that offers full-face protection is the TR Industrial face shield. It comes with a complete package – a safety helmet, mesh visor, plastic visor, and earmuffs. It is a 5-in-1 safety gear, aimed at offering you dynamic protection whatever your job entails. It fact, this product by TR also offers great protection. You use it for trimmers, chainsaws, and brush cutters, among other forestry jobs.

This safety gear offered by TR will fit your head firmly and securely. It also comes with an easy to use dial knob for adjusting its circumference, depending on your level of comfort and preference. This face shield has a lightweight construction. To add, it features interchangeable mesh and plastic visors. These features effectively protect your face from harsh elements.


You may consider the 3M H8A Ratchet Headgear as a safety system featuring both a face shield and high-quality headgear. The molded and clear face shield alone makes it very impressive, as it provides you with high-impact protection. Aside from welding purposes, you also gave the freedom to use this headgear for other tasks. This may include grinding, drilling, riveting, machining, chipping, sanding, sawing, and power fastening, among others.

What makes this product one of a kind is that it proves to be suitable for industries including metalworking, utilities, and woodworking. Also, it features a 5-position crown strap for easy and convenient adjustments. With its 13-position ratchet options, you would get the customization you prefer. Lastly, the high-quality polycarbonate material makes this face shield very sturdy and tough.


The Zenport face shield is also recommended for those who engage in tasks involving grinding, chainsaws and woodcutting. It features a mesh visor, perfect for improving ventilation. It is also breathable, which allows your face to cool down even while working. Its full-face coverage design also allows you to be fully protected from harsh elements like debris, dust, and harmful splashes.

What we like most about this face shield is that all the essential parts are highly adjustable, which promotes a comfortable, good, and secure fit. Lastly, it comes with adjustable tension, which is strategically designed to hold the steel shield.

3M 90028-80025 FACE SHIELD

This 3M 90028-80025 face shield is also worth your investment, as it is the brand’s well-structured face shield to date. What made us consider this face shield is that it is flexible, allowing you to use it while doing your everyday DIY tasks. Also, it keeps you safe from harm that may impact your face, regardless of the job you are doing. It also features the patented attachment system, along with its tough window made of polycarbonate materials.

This face shield by 3M is very popular because of its durability, strength, versatility, and adjustability. You can never go wrong with this reliable face shield for grinding, as it also allows full and clear visibility while you are using it.


Another great product on this review is the Safety Works face shield. It offers you protection for your face, eyes, and crown, especially if you are to use it for your garden and lawn, as well as grinding applications. What’s great about it is that it will not compromise your visibility, regardless of the task you are doing. Surely, having a face shield like this would never affect your work performance.

It comes with a built-in visor, allowing you to easily connect it to the face shield’s frame via cam locks. It is also very easy and simple to use while offering high-quality protection from general impact. We are also very impressed with the ratchet suspension, which can come in handy especially if you need to readjust it. It is also very comfortable to wear, all thanks to the form-cushioned forehead pad, allowing a fit and positioning that is both secure and firm.


Another Sellstrom product on this review is the Sellstrom S32010 Anti-Fog face shield. It is known for its guarantee of lightweight construction and hassle-free use. It allows 24-hour wearability and protection, perfect for those who need face protection solutions. In fact, this anti-fog face shield by Sellstrom serves several applications. This would include food processing, shipyards, construction, DIY tasks, metal fabrication, refineries, and railroads.

What we like most about it is its high-quality and durable construction. To add, it has an anti-fog feature, allowing an amazing optical clarity while using. Also, this face shield is highly adjustable, making sure that it fits securely on your face. This feature alone already provides you with the utmost protection from harmful splashes and debris.


If you want full protection for your head and face, then you definitely must consider this face shield created by Bio-Mask. It features a reusable frame and a disposable lens for quick and easy change. It offers superb protection from splatter and debris.

It also has a visor shield, which only integrates the mentioned safety feature. It comes with an adjustable and customizable band, allowing a superior and more comfortable fit. It is also lightweight, so it will not be affecting your performance, as well as your movement.


Last product on this review is the US Forge 99111 Full Face Grinding Shield. It is known for its high-quality construction and versatility. In fact, you can use this one for any DIY tasks such as cutting and grinding. This face shield by US Forge also features lightweight yet sturdy construction.

Also, you would not have a problem in terms of visibility with this face shield, even when you use it for extended hours. It allows easy and convenient adjustment, making it suitable for all head sizes. It is also very affordable, easy to use, and reliable.

How to Choose the Best Face Shield for Grinding

To make it easier for you to come up with the right decision, below are the most important factors you need to consider:

  • Comfort and Fit: The best face shield for grinding is the one that is comfortable enough to wear even for long hours. To add, it must fit your face securely and firmly. Comfort is essential, as it ensures that you would not be removing this safety gear, especially when you are in a hazardous environment.
  • Adjustability: When choosing the best face shield, choose one that has an adjustable headband. You should be able to make necessary adjustments so that you can work comfortably without any worries.
  • Ease of Use: Before you make the sale, make sure that you know how easy to use the face shield is. Keep in mind that if the face shield is challenging or such a hassle to use, you may even consider not wearing it at your workplaces


In this section, we will be discussing the most common questions consumers have about face shields for grinding. We will be providing you with brief answers.

Why do you need a face shield for grinding?

As discussed, a face shield is a valuable piece of safety gear, aimed at protecting your nose, mouth, eyes, and skin from harmful debris, chemicals, and substances. With this, it is vital that you are wearing one every time you are doing a hazardous task like grinding. Not only will you be physically protected, but the silver lining is that you never have to deal with the negative effects of facial disfigurement.

Will face shields fit even when you are wearing glasses?

Yes, it will. To be very honest, we do recommend that you also wear safety glasses in conjunction with the face shield. While the face shield helps protecting your face, it would instead be useless if you do not use it with protective eyewear.

How do you clean your face shield?

You may wash it using warm water and a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid. You may use tap water to rinse it clean. Then, use a soft cloth to dry the face shield. During the process, ensure that you are completely removing the dirt and dust that have accumulated on the face shield.

Wrap Up

The best face shield for grinding is an essential piece of protective gear. This holds true especially if you are a worker in a hazardous and dangerous environment.

Before you get the face shield of your choice, it would vital that you know first what kinds of hazards you may encounter in your workplace. From that, determine which face shield suits you the most. If you were aware of this, choosing the best face shield for grinding would be a lot more convenient and easier for you.