The Best RC Excavator Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

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The Best RC Excavator Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

Looking for the best RC Excavator? The craze of RC Excavators is growing every day, especially after this holiday season!. Obviously, they’re not real-life excavators. They’re radio-controlled replicas! And if your kid has a love for construction sites/projects, then this is the perfect thing you can gift them. They’ll love it to the moon and back.

This fascinating machine will come as a gift for your kid, but trust us, you’ll spend more time with this amazing toy. You’ll create beautiful memories with your kids.

RC Excavators

You’ve seen real-life excavators performing, right? The RC Excavator does the same! It performs every single function which a real excavator does. Want to dig and dump dirt from the ground? No problem! You can perform this activity with ease.

The construction of this incredible toy is of plastic. It has an arm that is connected with a metal shove to perform the digging up the ground activity. Plus, it has a cabin as well.

Want to buy an RC Excavator? Don’t know which one you should buy? Don’t worry!

Below we’re revealing the best RC Excavators of 2020 and why you should buy each of them. They’re simply the best RC Excavators available in the market.

So, keep on reading…

VATOS RC Excavator Remote Control Toy Digger

This splendid toy will give you the best experience of digging. The VATOS RC Excavator is famous for its realistic appearance. Kids fall in love with this toy at first sight.

The toy is super sturdy! Made up with the safest, strongest, ABC (Non-toxic) plastic body and good melt bucket. How are the alloy parts? Well, you’ll find them of the highest quality. Moreover, its rubber track is just awesome! Let’s you play outdoor without any fear.

The VATOS RC Excavator gives such realistic functions that when you move it left, right, forward, and backward, it feels like a real excavator.  Is the operating cab rotatable? Yes, to 680°. The shovel and digging arms good, flexible and controlled by remote like all the other functions.

The lights and sound effects of this toy are exceptional. Kids just love it! And another plus is that the audio can be switch on/off by remote.

This toy is the ideal gift that you can give to your kid on his/her birthday.

AOKESI 16 Channel Full Functional Remote Control Excavator Construction

This toy is simply amazing! This marvelous RC Excavator is a three-in-one feature toy. What comes with it? Original shovelhead, claw, and grabber (Its replaceable DIY tools).

Its super steel shovel allows you to dig like a real excavator. This multi-functional beauty is just love!

What’s brilliant about this excavator is that it can last in any terrain and condition. Its manufacturers made it by keeping a real excavator in mind. Plus, the battery is nothing short of brilliance. It has a 400-MAH battery, easily works over 19-21 mins per full charge and USB smart charging allows you to charge it wherever you are. And 2 AA batteries work with its remote.

Cab rotation? 680° degree! You can easily lift up and down separately because of its flexible shovel joints. Furthermore, it has an eye-catching cab with a music feature.

This RC Excavator is perfect for kids above age 7.

It is the ideal excavator for both indoor and outdoor conditions. Play without any concern!

17 Channel Volvo RC Excavator Truck

17 channel Volvo RC excavator truck is simply one of the best. It’s hard to tell whether it’s a replica of a real excavator. It looks so realistic!

Its magnificent motors, heavy rubber track tires, and built (1:16 scale) lets you perform all the functions. It’s so powerful!

This amazing RC Excavator can dig in any direction. The three powerful motors on its digging arm can dig out dirt and sand in no time. You can rotate the cab to 660° degrees. Any direction limit? No!

Powerful transmitters are equipped with this toy, allowing you to operate it from 90 to 120 feet distance. Furthermore, multiple car play is supported as well with zero interference.

It’s not a real excavator, but its durability is like a real excavator. Its super-strong body is made up of premium ABS plastic, making it safe for kids.

Besides, it’s equipped with 800Mah rechargeable batteries, provides the option of USB charging cable, and its transmitter requires 2 AA batteries to work.

Bring this absolute joy to your home now!

DOUBLE E Remote Control Excavator Toys Construction Tractor

This incredible RC Excavator is another one that looks exactly like a real excavator. The Double E Remote Control Excavator is built on a 1:20 scale.

What more it got? 3 separate motors on digging arm, heavy rubber track tires, extremely powerful motors, digs in every direction, the cab can rotate up to 660° degrees, and an auto-demonstration function for kids to understand this piece of magic quickly.

The Double E RC Excavator provides superior control. Its 2.4GHz transmitter gives you the comfort of operating it from a distance of more than 100 feet.

Premium ABS plastic is used to make this toy (Super safe for kids and adults). Plus, no one can raise a finger on its durability. It’s amazing!

DOUBLE E 17 Channel Excavator Toy 1/16 Remote Control Truck Digger

This superb toy is not only famous for digging, but also for climbing hills. It comes with three separate motors on its arms and a shovel. Its 660° degree movement makes it easy for this device to move in any direction.

With an 800mAh battery, this device can work up to 25-35 minutes when fully charged. An extra battery is also included with this toy to give you extra playing time.

Alloy material is used to make its heavy-duty shovel. And it won’t get rusty when holding or lifting sand.

The 2.4GHz transmitter is just brilliant! Steering and throttle are on another level. The control range you get is from 160ft to 170ft.

This toy works like magic!

DOUBLE E RC Excavator Toy Truck 1/26

This toy was made earlier, but it had some flaws in its structure so it was modified recently. Now, the working and moving of this toy are super stable and awesome. Plus, the technology of its remote is anti-interference (2.4GHz).

Super easy to learn and operate it, because it comes with a complete manual book. With the 360° degree rotation, this toy can move in all directions with ease.

Ultra-durable! Thanks to the materials used in making this toy. Is it waterproof? Yes! Plus, it won’t get rusty. Dig and load sands, pebble, soil or anything without fear.

Perfect for different terrains because of its rubber tracks. It is antiskid.

The Battery is outstanding (3.6V 800mAH)! You’ll get rechargeable and USB charging cable with it. You can also charge with a power bank, laptop or computer.

Please make sure that your kid plays with this toy only under your supervision.


So, there you go guys…

All of these are the best RC Excavators of 2019. They are great and perfect for your kid. All of them are affordable and very easy to use. Also, the best thing is they’re from renowned, respected brands.

These terrific RC Excavators are now a part of every other home… So, what are you waiting for?