Top 15 Best Snowmobile Helmets Review 2019


These days, especially on this kind of months where winter is already starting, snowmobiles will often be seen everywhere on the road. Safety is the most important thing when riding a snowmobile. Therefore, it’s important to always wear a protective gear, especially a high-quality helmet.

In this article, we have reviewed some of the Best snowmobile helmets that you can purchase for your overall safety. Some of the following products below have a very affordable, which is perfect for those who are on a strict budget for Christmas Eve.


ILM 10 Colors Dual Visor Flip-Up Helmet

The use of helmets is actually practiced by motorcycle riders since it’s important for every ride. However, since there are now different vehicles out there that require the use of helmet such as snowmobiles, there are now various types of helmets for specific activities. Helmets are even used in extreme sports for protection.

The helmet’s inner liner is an EPS Impact Absorption to protect the head and to help avoid a major head concussion. When it comes to its safety standards, it exceeds or meets the DOT and FMVSS-218 safety standard. Therefore, this helmet will conveniently provide you with your safety needs.

Also, the cheek pads are soft, lightweight, removable, and can be washed. With its sleek and lightweight design, it will provide you with good comfort and helps reduce wind noise.

IV2 Dual Visor Flip-Up Helmet

The IV2 helmet is approved by DOT in a modular setup. This is an awesome solution for those who are looking for a low-priced, modular setup helmet. In addition, despite its low price, it is still equipped with dual visors, which is a great and wonderful feature for those who are looking for a tinted or equipped with sunglasses visor solution.

The included flip-down dark lens can be easily removed or added with just a single lever operation. By adding the dark lens, it can help protect your eyes from the sun’s harsh glare, or by improving your visual by removing the lens once your surrounding gets dark.

The helmet also features one button and glove-friendly flip up system, which converts your helmet from open-face to full-place, and with a quick release buckle system that is very easy to use.

Typhoon Helmets: Electric Heated Shield Helmet

The helmet, which is specifically for snowmobiles, looks quite similar to a typical full-faced motorcycle helmet, but it has a single huge difference. This incredible typhoon helmet is equipped with a heated shield, which helps eliminate the icing and fogging. Whether you live in a cold or tropical country, you would surely appreciate this feature, especially if you’ve run into some sleet.

The helmet comes with two shields, one is heated while the other one is not. Both lenses have a scratch resistance coating on the outside, while the inside has an anti-fog coating for the rider’s convenience.

There are also a couple more things to like about this helmet. It comes with a chin skirt and with an adjustable breathbox. As for the sizes, you don’t worry about not finding the perfect size for you, as the typhoon helmet is almost available in all sizes. Everyone will have the opportunity to find the size that can perfectly fit on their heads.

O’Neal 3 Series Helmet

It is better to be safe than sorry, especially if you are riding a vehicle that can be dangerous for your safety. If you plan on riding a snowmobile, then it would be important for you to wear a helmet that can withstand any kinds of incident. It’s critical for you to wear a high-quality helmet because this would be the only way where your head can be protected from all kinds of impact.

The main feature of this product that makes it worth buying for, is that it is manufactured by using a durable polycarbonate. The helmet may be lightweight and very comfortable to use, it would still do its job by protecting you from a crash while you’re on your snowmobile.

Furthermore, its ultra-plush padded liner is removable and can be washed, the liner can also keep you cool and dry no matter how long, or how extreme of a rider you are.

509 Black Ops Altitude Helmet

It is definitely not an easy task when it comes to finding the perfect snowmobile helmet, which can allow your skin to breathe, keeps you safe from impacts, helps reduce wind noises, and keeps your head comfortable. This unit is definitely a must have a helmet, especially if you are looking for a sleek, cool-looking modern designed helmet with lots of great features.

The helmet also boasts a new neck brace profile, which will ensure you with a high degree of safety. Not only does the unit look great, but the materials used to construct the helmet are all of top-notch quality.

With this kind of helmet, you will feel safe and protected and would look amazing while taking your snowmobile for a short or long ride.

Adult Snocross Snowmobile Matte Helmet

Here is another great product from Typhoon Helmets, but this unit isn’t equipped with a built-in shield or sunglasses. The package contains a great pair of goggles and a high-quality snocross helmet. This kind of combo is actually great if you are looking for something affordable, but still compatible with your very active riding style.

What the helmet boasts is that it has a comfortable and removable padding, which you can take off whenever you want to have it washed. In addition, it is also included with an adjustable breathing guard, where you’ll find it extremely useful during winter.

Also, the shell feels quite lightweight which is a good thing for better comfort, it is also certified to meet the safety standard of the DOT. Therefore, rest is assured that you are protected enough to start off your snowmobile adventure.

O’Neal 2 Series Off-Road SPYDE Helmet

Now here is another manufactured product by the O’Neal Company. With this snowmobile helmet, you can still look cool while riding your vehicle without worrying about your safety. With the helmet’s eye-catching colors, you would definitely attract anybody that you’ll pass by. Despite its cool design and bright colors, the helmet is still made with the best durable materials out there.

The unit is also very comfortable to wear since its lightweight, even if the shell is built with an ABS in a large size. The padded lining can also be removed to get it washed after having several rides. Moreover, the coating is also made with a soft plush, which allows your head to feel warm without sweating, making it perfect on winter days.

In addition, the helmet also comes with a cooling rubber nose guard to help prevent fogging and would keep you warm and protected from extremely cold temperatures. It also comes with multiple air vents which can increase breathability, which is really convenient if you’ve been riding your vehicle for a long time.

HJC Full Face Matte Black Helmet

HJC is a well-known brand when it comes to making high-quality motorcycle helmets, and the HJC 824-614 CL-17 makes a great adaptation for snowmobile riders. The helmet is constructed with an advanced polycarbonate composite shell, which has a superior fit, great comfort, and lightweight with the help of an advanced CAD technology.

For the face shield, it has an anti-scratch pin lock and with a new 3D design which can provide 95% of UV protection. The helmet also has a side shield mechanism for an ultra-secure seal. If you want to have an ultimate anti-fog system, you can add an optional pin lock insert. This is sold separately.

Another great feature of this product is that it is perfect to be used even on hot humid days, it has a full front to back airflow that help flushes the heat and humidity inside the helmet up and out.

YEMA YM-925 Modular Full Face Helmet

This is a professionally graded helmet that is approved by the DOT safety standard and is made by a company that has 20 years of experience when it comes to developing and producing quality helmets. The great thing about this unit is that it has enough room to fit your Bluetooth and even your sunglasses. The liner is also removable and washable.

Another great feature of the YEMA helmet is that it has a very functional ventilation system. The intake and exhaust vents are fully adjustable, which will allow you to control the amount of airflow going throughout your helmet.

If you have experienced some fogging while seating, don’t worry as it will fade quickly once you start riding again.

ILM Full Face Street Bike Helmet

As with the other products on this list, this full face ILM helmet also meets all the required safety standards. It is aerodynamic, streamlined, and of course, lightweight for added comfort. In addition to those, it also comes with two visors, one is clear while the other one is smoked which is perfect for bright snowy days. The unit also has a winter neck scarf and an easy quick release strap.

Most of the time, the common problem about helmets is how loud it is against the wind. It’s actually quite hard to manage the noise produced by the wind, while you are zipping through the snow. However, this helmet seems to be better than the others as it reduces all the noise that the wind makes.

AFX FX-39 Full Face Helmet

This sleek and head-turning helmet is approved in safety standard, and actually has a lot of great features. From its plush like an anti-microbial and hypoallergenic liner to its lightweight build, you cannot go wrong with this great product.

The helmet is also water resistant and amazingly well ventilated for great comfort. It also has the ability to keep warm and comforted during on cold winter days, where the cold wind is whipping past you while riding your bike.

Another incredible feature that the helmet has, is that it has the ability to keep you cool during on hot humid days. And since the helmet is water resistant, it would always keep your head dry.

 X4 Modular Flip Up Anti-Fog Helmet

This unit does exactly what it is supposed to do. Since this is a flip-up helmet, you can easily put it on and off your head, but would also fit snuggly and secure while you are riding your snowmobile. The helmet also comes in different sizes, so make sure to sure the best size that would fit perfectly on your head.

Sizing is a common complaint to any of the helmets bought online, as it doesn’t fit like what the advertising says, which leads them to order a size up or down. But with this helmet, it measures exactly what the company says, therefore, there would only be minimal issues when it comes to choosing the perfect size.

ScorpionExo EXO-GT920 Modular Helmet

Now, this helmet has a lot of great features that can cater to those who want everything from their helmets. The unit is lightweight but strong and durable. It also has all the benefits that a modular helmet has, including a modular chin bar. It is equipped with a moisture sickening liner, an anti-fog technology, and a retractable sun visor.

But the most important about the snowmobile helmet is that it is DOT certified. The comfortable, sleek, and aerodynamic helmet will surely meet all your needs, even for those who want finer things from their items.

KLIM F3 Helmet Black Stealth

This snowmobile helmet is among those top-rated and well-designed helmets. It features an awesome ventilation system with a couple of wide air channels. With this, it would let the fresh air in the chamber network, which would carry heated air and extra moisture to its exit ports.

The convenient eye port also allows you to see your surroundings clearly without having a mist, and would not affect your field of vision. With the added air induction system, it would help bring volume and substantial air flow into your helmet’s ventilation system.

NENKI Dual Sports Full Face Helmet

NENKI is one of the helmet brands that market premium high-quality dual sports helmets. This helmet comes in various sizes that could fit perfectly for you, it’s just a matter of finding the right size. Its shell is made from high-quality polycarbonate, therefore, expect it to be lightweight but still capable of protecting you from head injuries if you have a crash from your snowmobile.

The helmet also has a lot of adjustable ports, which help ensures good airflow inside the helmet for better breathing. It also helps you cool during hot summer days. it is equipped with a  red visor, which is great because it would protect you from the sun’s harsh rays. The unit has met all the DOT safety standards for better protection.


If you are aiming to get the best helmet for your snowmobile expedition, then just simply choose one of the given products above as they are all made of high-quality, and 100% safety standard certified.