The Top 10 Best Wakeboard Helmets Reviews & Guide 2019

Best Wakeboard Helmets

Wakeboarders combine their love of extreme sports and water into one enjoyable and fantastic thrill-ride!The thrill and amazement of seeing someone zigzag behind a boat then hit a high jump is so exciting and exhilarating. And doing it yourself is something else entirely!

And like all high-impact sports, wakeboarding requires protection gearslike a helmet to ultimately protect a wakeboarder’s head from any injury. And for such extreme sports, only the best wakeboard helmets are recommended— anything else means that you are putting yourself to danger!


Triple Eight Halo Water Helmet

On a tight budget but still, love to do your wakeboarding? Well, you do not need to sacrifice the quality with this wakeboard helmet from Triple Eight since it offers an extremely great construction and quality at a price tag you can surely afford. The Triple Eight Halo Water Helmet copies the comfort and style that are associated with any classic skateboarding helmets but with the addition of redesigned features which make it suitable for water sports.

With this helmet, you can take your sports and water performance to the next level! A top-rated wakeboard helmet, the Triple Eight helmet is constructed with dual-density, close-cell EVA foams plus a high-density, tough ABS outer shell in order to protect your head against impacts and falls.

Suitable for both experienced surfers and beginners, this wakeboard helmet has a super comfortable halo water liner plus a whopping 3 layers of plush foam that are wrapped in fabric so that your head will be protected and comfy!

NP Watersport Helmet

Loving the look of this wakeboard helmet, the NP Watersport Helmet comes in vibrant and fun colors you can choose from depending on your style. Plus, it also comes in various sizes, so you do not have to worry about getting something that may or may not fit your head.

This wakeboard helmet comes with an extra ear protection to prevent water from entering your ears as well as keeping your ears safe from high impacts from the wind. Moreover, there are holes that allow sound to get through, meaning your ears are protected but it does not mess with your hearing.

Also, the helmet is very breathable and its liner can help in taking moisture away and protecting your head from impacts. It has air vents that allow air to flow through the helmet and remove moisture out of it. This helmet is ultra-light with an adjustable chin strap as well as twist tightening system for the perfect fit!

Pro-Tec Ace Wake Helmet

This wakeboard helmet from Pro-Tec comes in a variety of colors and sizes based on your preferences. What makes the Pro-Tec Ace Wake Helmet among the best wakeboard helmet out there is its variety of great features which provide you with comfort, adjustability, and style.

Featuring a headlock system plus and adjustable rear fit system, this wakeboard helmet allows you to create the perfect fit that you cannot find with average wakeboard helmets. It has a high-impact, removable ABS cupping ear guards which minimize the risk of damaging your eardrums while performing your awesome tricks in the water.

In order to keep the wakeboard helmet comfortable and dry, Pro-Tec added 18 open drainage vents. It has a high-density injected molded shells that provide protection and long-term durability. Sporting a soft interior lining, this helmet also prevent any irritation to the skin and allows you to spend long hours in wakeboarding without experiencing any issues!

Tontron Water Sports Helmet

Tontron is a reputable company that has been producing water sports helmets for the past decades! This particular wakeboarding helmet comes in a chalk-like finish you will love! Not only that, but it also comes with 4 matte finishes and options of multiple sizes so you can find the right helmet that fits your head.

It comes equipped with ear pads which can be removed in case you become annoyed by them. Its straps are fully adjustable and a dial at the helmet’s back helps you in getting the right fit. It has an outer shell made from ABS for the ultimate head protection while its liner is made from EVA for quick-drying performance. Lastly, this wakeboarding helmet has 11 air vents in order to keep it breathable and comfortable.

Bern Watts H2O Helmet

With an orange and blue color combination, this wakeboard helmet gives you a retro look but its construction and design are very modern! But don’t worry, if you are not into blue and orange colors, then there are other color combination and design you can choose from!

The Bern Watts H20 Helmet is designed to be well ventilated and provide you the ultimate head protection! Its thin shells of EPS foam is fully covered with an extremely tough ABS outer shell that provides a perfect fit with a long-lasting and durable experience and a low profile look.

Its back dial also provides a perfect head fit with straps that are extremely durable and adjustable. One of the safest wakeboard helmets in the market, the Bern Watts H20 Helmet have undergone stringent tests in order to ensure that this helmet will surely protect yours during your extreme sports.  Plus, it also comes with a useful winter upgrade kit that adds a nice touch!

Bern Watts Matte Finish Water Helmet

Another item from Bern, this wakeboard helmet is an all-around quality wakeboarding helmet that is available in various colors and sizes. This stylish helmet has a multi-impact design which uses a Brock Foam tech for the ultimate protection and comfort.

Its foam drains encourage draining and promote “breathing” that you will surely be comfortable even after so many hours in the water. The Bern Watts Matte Finish Water Helmet is a very popular helmet which has been endorsed by wake athletes such as Silas Thurman, Chad Sharpe, and Mike Ennen.

Jobe Slam Wake Helmet

The Jobe Slam Wakeboard Helmet is a secure wakeboard helmet with a perfect fit and tough and thick outer casing which can absorb different degrees of impact. Available in various sizes and bright, stylish colors, this wakeboard helmet allows you to customize your look and get the perfect fit.

This wakeboard helmet also provides great perks such as rear adjuster, fit pads, detachable ear pads, and dura flex side divider. Its adjustable nylon straps make sure that the helmet will stay put whether you are performing professional tricks or just gliding through the water. It also includes a softly brushed nylon fit pads that can be found on the top and sides of the helmet which gives more comfort and a better overall fit!

Pro-Tec Ace Water Helmet

Another wakeboard helmet from Pro-Tec, this one is a high-quality helmet for extreme action sports in the water. Featuring a dual-density, waterproof EVA liner and a high-impact ABS shells, you are guaranteed to be protected from fast and hard falls.

It has removable ear guards with padding and water channels in order to help prevent your eardrums from being damaged when you hit the water at high speeds. Featuring a full surround “headlock” inner fit system, this wakeboard helmet helps support the back of your head for the maximum safety and comfort.

Meanwhile, it comes fully equipped with 15 vents to improve ventilation as well as water drainage and keep you comfortable. The Pro-Tec Ace Water Helmet is certified and passed independent safety standards for water sports helmets.

Liquid Force “Fooshee Comp” Wakeboard Helmet

Tom Foshee is known as the “King of the Cables”. He stood on top of podiums with more cable events and tricks than any other wakeboarding riders! And in order to be safe while enjoying his sports, Tom and Liquid Force collaborated for a new wakeboard helmet in the year 2017 and came up with the signature Fooshee Comp!

Designed for all-day support and comfort, this wakeboard helmet incorporates the Liquid Force’s exclusive Sweat Saver liner in order to provide the most comfortable and most form-fitting helmets in the market today!

Paired with a high-density ABS shell and snap-in ear flaps that can be removed, this wakeboard offers the ultimate protection for perfecting your new wakeboarding techniques and tricks!

Triple Eight Gotham Water Sport Helmet

The Gotham Style from Triple Eight now hits the water! This wakeboarding helmet has a low profile design with subtle brim and matte finish. It is extremely lightweight and offers utmost comfort for water sports protection.

It features a Sweatsaver Halo liner that is developed specifically for water sports and has 3 foam layers that are wrapped in plush fabric for the ultimate comfort. It has removable snap-in ear flaps for protecting your eardrums from impacts. Unfortunately, these ear flaps are not included in your purchase. This wakeboarding helmet is made with closed cell dual-density EVA foam liner and an ABS outer shell for durability and comfort.

Factors to Consider when Buying the Best Wakeboard Helmet


Wakeboarding is an extremely dangerous sport, thus getting a helmet for safety is only logical. And although not all helmets must be certified in order to be deemed effective, those that passed and met the standards of various rigorous test should be on the top of your list. If you want to make sure that you are safe while enjoying your sports, then look for helmets that are certified by testers like CEN or WRSI.


In order to achieve the best possible head protection, you need to look for a wakeboard helmet that fits perfectly on your head. You do not want something that falls out or does not stay in place and increasing your chance of injuries while doing tricks.

In order to make sure that the wakeboard helmet you choose will fit you correctly, you will need to measure the circumference of your head and then refer to the size chart of each helmet brand.


A wakeboard helmet’s lining can make a significant difference in its long-term comfort and security. The best wakeboard helmet comes fully equipped with waterproof EVA lining with padded interiors which can resist water while keeping your head safe and well-protected.


Since you will be surfing in water, you are likely to be dunked a few times. High-quality wakeboard helmets are specifically designed with vent holes in order to drain water and prevent the helmet from soaking up.


Wakeboarding is a thrilling sport but comes with certain dangers. However, that will not stop avid wakeboarders from riding behind boats or cables and doing what they love the most— doing their cool tricks on the water.

Instead, they rely on the best wakeboard helmets out there to provide the utmost security and protection for them to enjoy the cool water and adrenaline-pumping tricks!