Top 7 Best Water Bottle for Hamster Reviews & Guide 2019


Just like humans, hamsters need hydration to survive, especially during the summer months. Regular water intake will provide them with the energy that they need and the ability to beat the heat. While some might opt for a dish, I personally recommend that you go for the best water bottle for hamster instead.

If you are clueless about the best product to buy, read on and learn from my personal reviews of the top picks available on the market. I spent days looking at the possibilities and read reviews from other users to come up with a definitive suggestion of some of the options that should make it on your list. For sure, your hamster will be a happy and healthy pet with the use of these products.

Our Top Picks for the Best Water Bottle for Hamster

To start with, here are the top choices that are sure to provide the best bang for the buck, as well as some of the things that make them exceptional picks.

Choco Nose H128 No-Drip Hamster Water Bottle

Made specifically for small animals like hamsters, the best asset of this product is the patented design, which allows the nozzle to resist leaks. This will help to save water, making sure that nothing will come out unless your pet is sucking the tube. The size of the nozzle is also small enough so that hamsters will find it convenient to drink from it.

The bottle itself is made of BPA-free plastic. There are no toxic chemicals that will leach in the liquid, providing an assurance of the health and safety of your hamster.

It is also a good thing that it comes with a screw-on bracket, allowing users to have it easily positioned in the cage.

SunGrow Pretty Purple Pet Water Dispenser

There is no need to worry even if you will leave your pet on its own for a few hours. With the 10-ml capacity of this water bottle, your hamster will stay hydrated. The best thing is that there will be no mess created. Water will not leak as it comes with a ball stopper. The ball will not release water unless the hamster is drinking from it.

Equipped with a .3-inch nozzle, it is small enough to allow hamsters and other tiny pets to drink from it. It will fit their small mouth comfortably and for sure, they will not hesitate to drink from it.

The drinking head of this water bottle is made of high-quality stainless steel. The water container itself, on the other hand, is a BPA-free plastic.

Kordon Oasis Novalek SOA80304 Water Bottle

This is one of the most stylish options from the products mentioned in this post, which makes it a combination of form and function. It also offers excellent value for money as it comes in a two-piece kit – a plastic holder and the water bottle itself, which comes with a convenient nozzle.

This 4-ounce water bottle is also made of exceptional materials and has an excellent design. For instance, there is a rounded bottle top, which will prevent the hamster from chewing it. There is also an adjustable cage strap that is included. Also, the bottle is made of crystal styrene, a material that is known for being able to resist breakage.

Dahey Drinking Water Bottle for Small Pets

This has a unique design compared to most of the options that are mentioned in this guide, making it another product that promises to offer value for the money. It looks like an igloo or an egg with an opening where the hamster will be directly drinking from. It is also leak-proof, which will help in preventing a mess.

One more thing that we loved about this product is that it is made of pet-safe ceramic, unlike the traditional hamster water bottles that are made of plastic. It is not only durable, but it does not also make an annoying noise when your pet is drinking.

B.C. Pet Small Animals Hideout Drinking Waterer

With a maximum capacity of 80ml, this is another option that comes with a leak-proof feature. The latter is possible because of the roll ball, which will prevent the water from spilling. It also has a rounded smooth edge to make it easier for the hamster to drink.

One more thing to love about this product is the sturdy construction of the wide base. This is different from most products that you have to hang in the cage. The bottle can easily stand up on its own and will not easily trip, regardless of the movements of the hamster when drinking.

Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture 2-in-1 Water Bottle

This no-drip water bottle for hamsters also comes with an 80ml capacity, similar to the product that has been mentioned above. It also comes with a dual design like the product above. There is a small hideout underneath the water bottle, which is large enough for most hamsters to fit in.

The bottle is made of a transparent material, which will make it easy for you to see and determine if there is already a need to refill the water. There is also a large ball cap on the drinking tube, which will prevent the water from leaking.

When it comes to cleaning, you will not have a hard time. Plus, as a bonus, it can resist odors. Hamsters will like the taste of the water they are drinking!

Delight eShop Pet Water Drinking Bottle

This is another complete kit that you will not regret choosing for the best hamster water bottle. The end of the nozzle comes with a ball that is made of stainless steel. When the hamster is drinking water out of it, it will open. When the pet is not drinking, it will be in a locked position, which means that there is no need to worry about leaking.

The kit is inclusive of a spring rope, which you can easily fix on the cage. You can also customize its position in a snap.

With a capacity of 350ml, the main material used in the bottle is plastic. It is lightweight and durable.

The Importance of Hydration for Hamsters

Even these tiny and cute creatures need water to survive. Any pet owner would surely know that a hydrated hamster is a happy hamster. More than providing it with the right food, it should have easy access to clean drinking water, especially if you will be away for quite a while and no one will be left to give water to it.

Hamsters are small and fragile. Dehydration is one of the things that can make them sick, and unfortunately, a common cause of their death. According to experts, if they do not drink water for a day or two, they will most probably die, especially during the peak of the summer. The problem becomes worse if they move a lot, which will make them prone to fatigue. Coupled with dehydration, it will shorten their lifespan.

The Benefits of Using a Hamster Water Bottle

Hydration is perhaps the most significant reason why you should invest in a water bottle. However, take note that it is not the only benefit that it can offer. Compared to a water dish, a water bottle is better because it cannot spill, clog, or trip. This will be instrumental in avoiding messy leaks.

If you use a dish or a bowl, chances are, water will end up spilling since hamsters are known for moving a lot. When the cage or bedding is wet, this can lead not only to discomfort to the hamster but also contamination. The environment will be saturated and your pet is sure to not like it.

Choosing the Best Water Bottle for Hamster

Sure, there will be a lot of choices. However, to help you easily weigh the possibilities and come up with the right choice, these are some of the most important things you have to take into account:

  • Capacity: Personally, I would go for something that is large, especially if you are always outside of the house and no one is left behind to watch over your pet. This will ensure a steady supply of water when you are away. When deciding on the capacity, you also have to consider the size of the cage to be sure that there is enough space for it.
  • Material: There are two main parts of the water bottle. The first is the bottle itself, which is often made of BPA-free and non-toxic plastic. There are some that are made of ceramic. The second part is the nozzle or the part at which the hamster drinks directly. It is usually made of stainless steel with smooth edges.
  • Leak-Proof Design: In most cases, the nozzle is equipped with a ball that prevents the water from leaking when the hamster is not drinking, which functions like a lock. This is an important feature so that you will not waste water and for the bedding or cage to stay dry.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance: To make your life easier, make sure to choose a product that will be almost effortless for you to care and maintain. See to it that you regularly clean the water bottle to avoid possible contamination and to promote what is best for the health of your pet.
  • Assembly: It should also be easy for you to assemble the water bottle in the cage. There are some models that come with a stand, but make sure that it is not easily prone to tripping. Other models are placed directly on the side of the cage, with a height that can be customized depending on the size of the hamster.

Signs of Dehydration in Hamsters

Based on the data released by the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals, a hamster should consume 10ml of water for every 100 grams of its weight. If it is unable to drink the right amount of water at a given time, which can be exacerbated by the climate, the animal can suffer from dehydration.

One of the best ways to diagnose if a hamster is suffering from dehydration is to pinch its skin. You need to do it slowly so that the hamster will not end up getting hurt. After pinching the skin, let go of it and watch what happens. If the skin becomes flat as soon as you take out your fingers, it is well. Otherwise, this is one of the signs that it is dehydrated.

Through a quick inspection of the body of the hamster, it will also be possible for you to tell if it is dehydrated. Having sunken, dry, and droopy eyes are some of the signs that you should be watching out for. The pale appearance of the fur is also an indication of its need to consume more water. It may also look thinner or swollen.

Like humans, hamsters will not have the physical energy to move when it is dehydrated. Therefore, if it is just on the corner, it might be dehydrated. It will also end up moving slower than normal. If you know your hamster for quite a time already, it will be easy to notice these changes in its behaviors.

As soon as you notice these signs, do not waste your time. Your hamster can still be saved, but you have to move quickly. Even before you head to the vet to confirm what is wrong with your pet, give it water first. When the hamster is already dehydrated, plain water is not recommended. Water needs to have sugars and salts to bring back the energy of the animal.


Indeed, the best water bottle for hamster is a must-have to keep your pet hydrated. It is affordable, so there is no reason to not have one. Nonetheless, while there are many choices that are available, this does not go to show that you can pick just any product. Be wise enough to pick one that can deliver superior quality and the best value for the money!