The 14 Best Wrestling Headgear: Reviews & Guide 2019

Best Wrestling Headgear

Head protection is one of the most important for a safe wrestling experience. It minimizes the possibility of an injury, especially a cauliflower ear. The latter happens when blood clots in the ear. It is painful and uncomfortable.

It is important to invest in the best wrestling headgear, including those that are briefly mentioned in the rest of this post. Since wrestling is a contact sport, keeping the head safe and sound is critical. The right headgear will protect your ear from serious injuries.

Our Top Picks for the Best Wrestling Headgear

Clueless about which headgear makes the best option? Below are the top brands and models that should be on your radar.

Cliff Keen E58 Headgear

This is one of the most popular options for the best wrestling headgear 2019. It is made by a reputable company, which can already make you confident that this is indeed an exceptional product. It has a patented design by Coach Cliff Keen. It has been around for more than six decades. One of its best features is the 4-strap design that is fully customizable depending on the size of your head. There is a pad included for the chin strap, which adds to the comfort that it provides. The VNF foam, the main material used, is also exceptional because of its comfort. Lastly, it has a strong snap that allows it to stay in place better compared to those with a Velcro strap.

Cliff Keen F5 Tornado Headgear

This is another product from Cliff Keen that makes an excellent choice in your search for the best headgear for wrestling. Among others, one thing that makes this impressive is the Air vent System, which has been exclusively developed by the company. This provides exceptional ventilation to keep you comfortable as you wrestle. This is unlike others that will make your ears hot and sweaty. Also, it has 80% better audible sound technology, making it easy to hear despite having the ear protected. It is also worth noting that it is 43% lighter compared to most of the headgears you can find on the market. It also has the PowerTab strapping system for improved fit.

Cliff Keen Youth F5 Tornado Headgear

It is the same as the headgear that is mentioned above, but the main difference is that it is designed specifically for youth wrestlers. Its design is based on NASA research, which results in the reduction of its overall weight by up to 43%. This means that you do not have to worry about your comfort when wearing the ear guards. The Greater Audible Sound Technology is another feature that makes this impressive, which is basically the one responsible for making it easy for you to hear despite having the ear protected. Plus, the materials used are specially made to combat the build-up of bacteria to keep it hygienic despite being wet with sweat all the time.

Cliff Keen Fusion Headgear

This product combines the top-notch features that you can find in the best wrestling headgear from Cliff Keen, including those mentioned above. One thing that makes it stand out is the closed-cell foam construction. It is made of an innovative material that is lightweight and pliable. It is comfortable without sacrificing durability. Meanwhile, with the On-The-Fly Strapping System, you can adjust its fit within seconds, making sure that it is snug on the head. It is also easy to clean and maintain. All that you have to do is to use antibacterial wipes or wash it using soap and water.

Matman Ultra-Soft Wrestling Headgear

One of the best things about this headgear is the use of ultra-soft neoprene as the main material. It is breathable to guarantee your highest level of comfort. The material also resists the growth of bacteria, making it a great choice if you are looking for one that is hygienic. The special design of the strap is also notable, making it effortless to adjust the fit based on what your head requires. You can adjust the straps without removing the gear on your head. It has a universal fit, so all that you need to do is to adjust the strap to customize the fit.

ASICS Aggressor Ear Guard

For high-quality protection and peace of mind when you are wrestling, this product from ASICS will make a great choice for the best ear guards. One of its best features is the injection-molded polypropylene shell, which can withstand high impact. The padding that complements the shell makes it capable of delivering better protection for your ears. The quick-adjustable strap system is also impressive, making it effortless to customize the fit on your head. It also has a low-profile design, which makes it comfortable to wear.

ASICS Conquest Ear Guard

Made by a reliable brand, this is another excellent alternative for the best ear protection for wrestling. The main material that is used is injection-molded EVA, which is known for its anti-bacterial properties. Even when you sweat, there is no need to worry as it prevents the build-up of bacteria, which makes it hygienic. This also prevents foul odor that can arise because of sweat. There is a molded drainage conduit, which is the one responsible for drawing out excess moisture. The material is also lightweight, so wearing it won’t be a burden on the head. The colors can also be personalized, making it a great option for those who are looking for customizable shells and pads.

ASICS Youth Gel Ear Guard

If you are looking or the best ear protection for youth wrestlers, this is one option that should not be missed. The GEL technology cushioning system is one of its best features, which is the one responsible for making it soft on the ear without sacrificing impact protection. The ear guard is machine washable, which makes it effortless to clean and maintain. The material that is used does not harbor bacteria, so you can also be confident that it remains hygienic. Meanwhile, with the hook and loop closure, it is easy to ensure its snug fit. Lastly, there is a neoprene chin cup that makes it comfortable to wear.

ASICS Unrestrained Wrestling Ear Guard

It cradles the ear without obstructing your vision and while making sure of your highest level of comfort. The ear shell is designed for optimal protection while keeping it slim and lightweight. This is unlike headgear with plastic shells that can be too heavy for some users. With the dual-density padding, you can expect custom fit of the shells. It has a technology known as KinetoFoam, which makes sure that the ear is protected from impact. Lastly, there is a distinct strap design that makes sure it will stay in place regardless of how intense you move when wrestling.

Adapt Athletics Enhanced Headgear

The manufacturer claims that their headgear is the most stable and most comfortable on the market, making it hard to match for the best wrestling ear guard. It is made of hard EVA, which can withstand even strong impact to guarantee the highest level of protection. It also offers easy adjustments, allowing you to customize the fit without the need to take it off the head. There is an additional foam padding that makes it thicker and comfortable. There is also an antimicrobial cover. You will also love how it is machine washable. Lastly, it has a low-profile design and will be soft on the skin to avoid discomfort in its use.

Adidas Response Ear Guard AE100

The list of the choices for the best ear guards for wrestling is not complete without mentioning this option from Adidas. It has a soft foam cover that is complemented with adjustable vinyl straps. The ear cup is injection-molded to make it soft without compromising the protection that it provides. There is also a soft chin pad, which avoids friction on the skin. It comes with four straps for multiple adjustments depending on the desired fit.

ProForce Ultra Strike Ear Guard

The vented polymer ear cup is one of the best features of this wrestling ear guard. It allows improved air circulation to keep you cool and comfortable. It also comes with a moisture wicking liner, which prevents it from harboring bacteria from sweat. This is also the one that is responsible for preventing foul odor. To customize the fit of the ear guard, there are four straps, which will allow you to adjust the fit on the top of the head and below the chin. One thing that is missing, however, is a chin cup.

KO Sports Gear Wrestling Headgear

This is another headgear that will provide protection from ear cauliflower when you are wrestling or doing similar sport. It has ear holes for ventilation to keep you comfortable. The holes also make it easy to hear despite having the ears covered. The shell that serves as the cover for the ear is made of soft and padded material. There is a Velcro chin strap to customize its fit. There is also a removable chin pad, which prevents the strap from directly touching the chin. This helps to make it more comfortable.

Gold BJJ Headgear

This is made for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but it offers equally impressive protection if you are looking for the best ear guards for wrestlers. It has holes on the cover, which are great for improving air circulation. This gives it a well-ventilated design to keep you comfortable even on a hot day. The holes are also great in making sure that you can hear clearly while your ears are covered for protection. For your peace of mind, it is also good to know that the manufacturer offers a replacement or refund if in case you are unhappy in any way with the wrestling headgear.

Choosing the Best Wrestling Headgear

To make it easier to narrow down the possibilities, below are some of the most important factors to consider.

  • Material: There are two common types of headgears for wrestling. One is soft-shell headgear, which is made of soft rubber or polymer. The other is hard-shell, which includes hard plastic.
  • Comfort: The headgear should be designed in such a way that it provides the highest level of comfort, especially in terms of ventilation. It should not cause too much friction on the skin.
  • Fit: Consider the fit and the adjustability of the headgear. It must be easy to customize the headgear depending on the shape and size of your face.  There should be adjustable straps.
  • Safety: Pay attention to the features that will make sure of stability to deliver the highest level of safety and protection. It should be made of thick materials that can withstand impact. It should not easily slide off the head.


Here are some of the most common questions people have about wrestling headgears.

Should Wrestlers Wear Headgear?

Without a doubt, yes, it is necessary! It prevents long-term injury, especially on the ear. The constant beating on the ear can cause injury and trauma. The ears can even burst. It is a condition known as cauliflower ear, which is best prevented by wearing the right headgear.

Does a Wrestling Headgear Protect the Head?

Despite its name, the main reason for wearing a headgear is to protect the ears and not the head. Because of this, they are also called ear protectors and ear guards. So technically, it does not protect the head as its name may imply.

How Do You Wear a Wrestling Headgear?

To wear the headgear, cover your ear with the two ear cups. Connect the ear cups with the five straps, making sure that it is tight enough to stay in place. Pay attention as well to your comfort. The two straps should be on the top of the head, two across the back of the head, and one over or under the chin.


There is no doubt that you need head protection when you are wrestling. With this, consider the options that we have listed in this post for the best wrestling headgear. It provides protection for the ears and the head in general. It keeps you safe and comfortable as you wrestle.