Slot Car racing sets for Christmas, luxury edition

desert track

With Christmas around the corner, you don’t feel like holding back, you want to buy the best slot car racing set money can buy? Well, we’re here to help. We’ve already given you the 10 best slot car sets. However, if you really want to go for the most luxurious slot car racing set options there are, then this guide is the one for you. Treat yourself to the best slot car sets on the market. You’ll not want to waste any time before ordering, supplies are drying up already ahead of the Christmas season!

Whether you want to go with Carterra, Scalextric or Hot Wheels, we’ve got you covered.

Carrera Double Victory Digital 1:24

Our top pick, the absolute top pick for people seeking the most premium and extreme slot car racing experience. Firstly, this set features over 30 feet of track. Secondly, the cars and the track are 1:24 scale. That puts the cars at about 7 and a half inches long. While this is a big racing set for serious enthusiasts, anyone is sure to enjoy it. With straight-aways, curves and tactical lane changes, you’re guaranteed to never have a dull race! In addition, you’ll need to time your lane changes strategically to win. On top of that you’re able to race up to 4 cars on the track at a time.

In conclusion, this is an amazing racing set with the only downside being the steep price. This set is for the real enthusiast.

Carrera High Speeder Digital 1:32

Following up from the previous big set, we’ve got an excellent quality race set for a lower price. You won’t go wrong with this one. Featuring a 1:24 scale track and 1:32 scale cars on a track that spans almost 24 feet, this racing set is guaranteed to provide you with a challenge and many hours of fun. In addition, you’ll need to master tactical lane changes and passing to win the race. The cars feature detailed and realistic design. Up to 6 drivers can play at once. Not enough for you? Similarly to other sets, you can add track expansions and new cars to create fresh new challenging environments and races. Everything you need to get started comes in this set.

Carrera Evolution DTM Ready to Roar Analogue 1:32

Following on from their historically excellent sets, this latest release from Carrera is topping the Amazon charts this season for slot car racing sets and it’s obvious why. Featuring a high quality 20 foot track and analogue controllers, this set screams high quality. Defining this track are the BMW M4 and Audi R5 as the competing race cars. This set represents the real rivalry between racers Philipp Eng and Nico Muller who are the drivers of these cars respectively so you’ll really feel the tension when you race on this set. You can’t go wrong with this set.

Scalextric Batman vs Joker 1:32

Looking for slot cars with a bit more interesting design, then this one is for you. Fans of the Batman universe will love this one as you’ll be racing as Batman and Joker through Gotham city in this themed slot car set. This track even has ramps in the track, to make the race that more exciting and thrilling. This is the first set where you’re able to use the new spark plug technology to use an app on your smartphone to control the slot cars, allowing you to forget the hand controllers and those pesky wires! Amazing in-app features add extra fun by giving you engine noise, sound effects and more to supercharge the slot car racing experience. Don’t miss out if you’re a comic book fan.

Auto World Hot Wheels Snake v. Mongoose Slot Car Set

Bring out that true American muscle car spirit with this drag racing set. It comes with 13 feet of track, 2 controllers, 2 cars, guard rails and all of the signs you need to replicate a real track drag racing experience. You’ll have to get your timing right down to the split second in this race. A red foul light tells you when you’ve jumped the start so you’ll have to get that timing just right. This set comes from Hot Wheels so you know you’re getting a quality set. This set comes in vintage illustrated packaging with a handle for full collectable value. You’ll want to keep this set around for generations.

Scalextric 24 Hr Le Mans Slot Car Analog 1:32 Scale Set

Finally, get the authentic Le Mans racing experience. The controllers come with power controllers for beginners to keep it slow and for experts to ramp the speed up as high as they want. Adding an extra dimension of competition is the included lap counter. Almost 16 feet of track with 4 different layouts will have you entertained for a long time.