9 Workout Tips to Get More Out of Your Workout

9 Workout Tips to Get More Out of Your Workout

You don’t want to spend long hours at the gym, finding ways to get more out of your workout is essential. Click here to for nine workout tips!

Most people think that in order for them to get in shape they need to spend long, grueling hours at the gym. They think that the only way they’ve actually gotten anything accomplished is if they are drenched in sweat and doubled over in pain.

But the truth is there are ways that you can exercise without too many theatrics. You can build a body you love by focusing on a few key things. Keep reading to check out these 9 workout tips on how to get the most out of your workout.

1. Eat a Proper Meal Before & After

When it comes to having a fit body people often think of working out at the gym first. But there’s another component that you definitely shouldn’t neglect especially if you want to make your workouts worthwhile.

Eating a proper meal before and after you train is important to the overall performance and recovery of your body. Although all macronutrients are important (fats, carbs, protein) you’ll definitely want to make sure you have an adequate amount of carbs to fuel your workout.

Carbs are good for energy and slow-digesting carbs can offer you a stable energy flow throughout your exercise session. Adding lean proteins to your postworkout meal will help to start rebuilding muscles.

2. Do Weight Training

Many folks think that you have to be a competitive bodybuilder to lift weights. But actually getting started with weight training is one of the best workout tips for sculpting your body the way you want it to be.

There are many benefits to lifting weights, including the fat-burning effect that it has on your body even after working out. Weight training allows you to add diversity to your workouts and gets your muscles engaged. It also adds an extra challenge and an increased level of difficulty in your gym sessions.

3. Warmup Appropriately

Before you actually start exercising you should warm up your body. This is especially important for weight training and other intense routines. It’s important not to dive right in with “cold muscles”, which refers to your body being in a more stiffened, less engaged state.

You can start by doing something like a light jog and stretching. Incorporating a dynamic warmup is one of the most underrated workout tips as well. This type of warmup basically imitates the movement that you are going to do in the workout without the extra stress and tension on the muscles.

4. Stay Hydrated

Since it’s a well-known fact that our bodies are comprised of up to 60% of water, staying hydrated is one of the most important workout tips. Not drinking enough water during your workout could leave you feeling sluggish, lethargic and lightheaded.

Your joints may also feel stiff and start to creak when you are dehydrated. This could lead you to the type of pain during an exercise that doesn’t lead to gains. Be sure to drink enough water before and after working out.

5. Combine Cardio Types

Many people have a love-hate relationship with cardio. Just thinking about running on the treadmill for more than five minutes can cause someone to turn the other way when headed to the gym. But there’s a great way to keep up with cardio without feeling the dread.

Try mixing together types of cardio. For instance, you can choose certain days to do steady-state cardio, such as jogging or riding the stationary bike. Then you can use the other days for doing more energetic cardio like HIIT (high-intensity interval training). Making sure your body gets a good amount of both will help engage slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscles.

6. Try New Exercises

One of the best workout tips for people who find themselves getting a little bored with going to the gym is to switch up your exercises. Plan out your weekly routines and make sure you’re adding in new workouts each time.

There are plenty of machines and equipment to use around the gym. You could even do one exercise in a variety of different ways. Get creative and use everything that’s available to you to make your workouts more challenging and fun.

7. Get a Workout Partner

Sometimes people need that extra push to make them feel like they really had a good workout. This hint of motivation could come in the form of a workout buddy. Think about asking a family member or friend to be your gym partner to add some accountability to your sessions.

If you’re serious about finding someone to exercise with you and are having issues then consider hiring a personal trainer. Fitness trainers can provide you with the proper knowledge to apply during your workouts, as well as push you further than what you ever could have imagined. You may even want to give fitness classes a try if group settings are your thing.

8. Interval Train

Most people don’t think about this too much but the amount of time you rest in-between your exercises actually matters too. That’s why intentionally incorporating interval training is one of the most helpful workout tips.

Consider putting yourself on a timed sequence to keep a steady level of intensity. You may want to try cycles where you do back-to-back exercises then only rest after each is done and continue this method in rounds. Use a wearable fitness tracker to conveniently keep up with your interval sessions while working out.

9. Rest Well

No matter how many days you worked out, the fact remains that muscles need time to repair. Getting enough sleep is a great way to make sure that your workouts are not in vain.

Allow a few rest days per week in-between your gym sessions as well.

Looking for the Best Workout Tips?

The best workout tips are the ones that you put into practice. Remember to eat well, drink enough and rest up. Push yourself but know your boundaries and seek motivation when you need to.

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